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5 December 2019


Season of Hope

In this Advent Season of Hope we pray especially for Meghann Palmer and the success of her lung transplant. We pray also for the donor family who turned private tragedy into new hope for a stranger.


Richmond ADVENT Sunday
Decmber 8, 2019

  • Morning Prayer Service at St. Mark's (9:00 AM)
  • Communion Service at Holy Trinity (9:00 AM)
  • Communion Service at St. John's (11:00 AM)
  • Sunday School at the Parish Centre (11:00 AM)

Find Sunday readings in full text at:

Find every day’s Morning, Mid-Day & Evening Prayer and Compline (modern language) at:

Among those we hold up in prayer: Barbara, Billie, Carolyn, Cathy, Clara, Cole, Connie, Corinne, Doreen, Frankie, Freda, Glenn, Helen, James, Jason, Jeff, Jeremy, Joanne, Joe, John, Josh, Kate, Kevin, Lawrence, Linda, May Izabella, Meghann, Melba, Melissa, Nadine, Pauline, Peter, Robert, Russel, Steven, children in foster care

This coming week’s birthdays: Patricia Margison, Nancy Clarke, Emma Sewell, Susan Black

Please remember the Food Bank when you shop. They especially need pastas (dry and tinned), soups, cereal & luncheon meat. Next deliveries: Holy Trinity (16 December); St. John’s (23 December); St. Mark’s (30 December)

Have you seen the latest photos on the parish’s Facebook page?

This coming Monday (9 December), Barry Craig offers an Advent meditation at the Beaverbrook Crowne Plaza (Fredericton), 12:15 PM.

Next Thursday, Vestry holds a potluck at the Rectory, 6:00 PM.

Bishop Hockin’s presentation on Monday to the Fredericton Christian Forum was appreciated by a large audience at the Crowne Plaza, including a number from Richmond. Most Hockin Advent and Lenten talks for the last decade can be heard at

Season for thanks-giving ~

·        Gifts for the Seafarers’ Mission are ready for delivery to Saint John.

·   Congratulations to the organizers, bakers and patrons who made last Saturday’s coffee party and bake sale a success. $850 was raised for raised for the Compassion Fund.

·   The Mothers’ Union used book table has raised $105 to be donated to Sanctuary House. Thanks to those who donated books and those who purchased them.

·   Thanks to everyone who filled Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Fifty-four boxes went from our parish. Thanks also to those who helped at the local collection centre, which sent out 1662 boxes.

Get Your Goat!!  Vestry have decided that we should honour the forthcoming marriage of Debbie Collicott and David Edwards by buying the PWRDF a herd of goats. If you would like to add to the Richmond goat fund, just put in a special offering and mark it “goats”. Let’s see how many goats we can add to this wonderful cause. Note that for every $30 contributed for goats, the government of Canada will add $180. Incredible.

Fact: Last Christmas season Chris Hayes’ parish Sunday School were able to purchase 51 goats for Primate’s World Relief.

Anyone looking for alternate Christmas gifts should consider the range of opportunities offered by the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. In many cases (such as the goats – see above), the federal government matches the gift by 600%:

Forthcoming events:

·        On Sunday 15 December, Parish service of Lessons & Carols at St. Mark’s, 7:00 PM

·        On Monday 16 December, Albert Snelgrove offers an Advent meditation at the Beaverbrook Crowne Plaza (Fredericton), 12:15 PM

·        On Tuesday 17 December, Parish caroling in Woodstock takes place at Riverside Court (5:15 PM) and at the Women’s Institute Home (6:00 PM). Please meet at Riverside Court about 5:00 PM.

·        On Wednesday 18 December, Parish caroling in Hartland takes place at Hawthorne Place & Ruth Ann’s. Please meet at Hawthorne Place (8 Hawthorne Street.) at 5:45 PM.

·        On Saturday 4 January, Bishop Edwards & Debbie Collicott marry at the Cathedral, 11 am. The whole diocese is invited. Just RRSP by voice or text to 506-260-3412 by 15 Dec. Do it now. On marriage, the Bishop will reside in Fredericton.

Monday night Bible study continues at 24 Hillcrest Avenue, Hartland, 7:00 PM. Study book is Bishop Hockin’s book on the Parables.

The Compassion Fund helps us respond to immediate needs in our neighbourhoods and has been very active of late. Please assist.

The parish has received bequests under the will of the late Doris Kennedy Gartley Scott (1921-2016) of Centreville and several others, in this case to support the St John’s Cemetery fund. When writing your own will, do not leave money to a specific congregation as individual congregations are not incorporated. The way to handle it is to leave money to the parish for the purpose of supporting a particular congregation or house of worship, if that is what you want. For Camp Brookwood, you would leave money to the Diocesan Synod of Fredericton for the use of Camp Brookwood.

To add a name (with permission) to the parish prayer list, speak to Pat Margison (328-8146) or Wendell Parkinson (325-9519).

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Richmond on the First Sunday in Advent
December 15, 2019

  • Communion at St. Mark’s (9:00 AM) and St. John’s (11:00 AM); Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity (9:00 AM)


Parish Outreach:

Used eye-glasses?  There is a depository at Progressive Credit Union, Richmond Street, Woodstock.

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