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26 January 2023

“Not only with our lips but in our lives”

Richmond This Sunday
January 29, 2023
Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany
Alter Colors: 

    • 9:00 AM:  Morning Prayer Service at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Jackson Falls, NB

    • 9:00 AM:  Communion Service at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hartland, NB

    • 11:00 AM:  Communion Service at John's Anglican Church, Richmond Corner, NB

    • Find Sunday Bible readings at [link]

    Among those we uphold in prayer: Brian, Carlene, Carolyn, Cecil, Cole, Doris, Frankie, Freda, Gail, Gary, Graeme*, Harry, Helen, Jake, Joanne, Joyce, Lawrence, Lynn, Marg, Melba, Michelle, Nadine, Nellie, Nicole, Peggy, Shawn, Steven, Trina, Wendell, Wendy

    To add/delete a name to the parish prayer list, speak to Pat Margison (328-8146).

    This coming week’s birthdays:  Lesa Kennedy, Gail Wilson, Nellie Morgan

    Whom do you know in hospital? There’s a convenient way to get a cheery greeting to the hospitalized. The hospital delivers it. Parishioners receiving these notes have mentioned how important they are. Check out:  [link]

    Please continue to remember the Food Bank when you shop. Particularly needed are canned tomatoes, vegetables and soups, and tuna, ham etc suitable for children’s lunches.

    Have you checked the parish’s Facebook page lately?  [Facebook]

    Our congratulations to Pat & Wes Margison on the birth of great-grandson Hogan Timothy Christopher, a son for Kelsey and Dustin Lagacy.

    Our condolences to Bruce McKenna and family on the death of Mary-Lee Wilson McKenna. In 2007 Mary-Lee put on a packed Camp Brookwood fundraising concert at St Mark’s, and after summer services began in 2010 she and Bruce were nearly annual visitors before covid. This week’s parish facebook page shows a gorgeous photo of the McKennas on one of their last visits to the parish.

    One of Mary-Lee’s favourite hymn authors was the mystical poet George Herbert. Hymn #569 in the new blue Common Praise is Herbert’s “The Call”. We offer it here in her memory.

Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life:
Such a Way, as gives us breath:
Such a Truth, as ends all strife:
Such a Life, as killet
h death.

Come, my Light, my Feast, my Strength:
Such a Light, as shows a feast:
Such a Feast, as mends in length:
Such a Strength, as makes his guest.

Come, my Joy, my Love, my Heart:

Such a Joy, as none can move:
Such a Love, as none can part:
Such a Heart, as joyes in love.

    Due to the weather, tonight’s Vestry meeting is deferred until next Thursday (2 February) at the Parish Centre, 7:00 PM. Open to all. 

    The Richmond parish Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday (25 February), 10:00 AM at St. John's Anglican Church in Richmond Corner.  Shawn Branch will be proposed as chair.

    Lenten book study – As a Lenten study, Archbishop David is proposing Let Me Go There - The Spirit of Lent by Paula Gooder. The bishop's office can purchase it in bulk for under $20. If anyone wishes to purchase a book, please let Cindy Derksen know. If there is interest in a group book study, please advise Cindy of your preference for day/time. She will order and purchase the books if there is interest.

    Again this year Holy Trinity’s Charles Wilson Mitten Treesee attached photo -- yielded a bumper crop of mittens, socks, toques and scarves thanks to the efforts of parish knitters and others. A huge bundle was taken to the Hartland Community School, to the gratitude of the teachers, who said they are always needed by students who either lose theirs or never had them in the first place.

    Members of the Diocesan Synod office in Fredericton are taking part in the Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser on Saturday night 25 February.  If you would like to post an encouraging note to the team or make a donation to the cause (which is supporting the John Howard Society’s efforts to reduce homelessness and provide support to vulnerable persons), go to [link]

     Interim Ministry Schedule February - March 2023

    February 5, 2023

    Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany
    Alter Colors: 

    • Morning Prayer at St. Mark's and Holy Trinity (9:00 AM), and St. John's (11:00 AM)


    Parish Outreach:

    Used eye-glasses?  There is a depository at Progressive Credit Union, Richmond Street, Woodstock.

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