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23 September 2021

“Not only with our lips but in our lives”

Public worship continues this week in circumstances of risk mitigation.

Richmond This Week
Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Alter Colors: 

  • Sunday, September 26, 2021

    • Morning Prayer Service at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Jackson Falls, NB, at 9:00 AM

    • Morning Prayer Service at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hartland, NB, at (9:00 AM)

    • Morning Prayer Service at St. John's Anglican Church, Richmond Corner, NB, at 11:00 AM

    • Sunday School at the Parish Centre (St. John's Anglican Church, Richmond Corner, NB) at 11:00 AM

    • Find Sunday’s Bible readings at [link]

Find every day's Morning, Mid-Day & Evening Prayer and Compline (modern language) at [link].

Among those we hold up in prayer: Billie, Carolyn, Cathy, Claire, Colby, Cole, Doreen, Frankie, Freda, Gail, Gary, Glenn, Helen, Jack, James, Jason, Jean, Jeremy, Joanne, John, Katherine, Kevin, Kim, Lawrence, Lewis, Linda, Marg, Margaret, May Izabella, Meghann, Melba, Melissa, Nadine, Nicole, Peter, Robert, Russel, Steve, Stevie, Steven

To add/delete a name to the parish prayer list, speak to Pat Margison (328-8146) or Wendell Parkinson (325-9519).

This coming week’s birthday: Rebecca Cullins

Quite a few parishioners are staying close to home from health considerations or as care-givers for a family member. Let us remember them faithfully by stopping by or telephoning or even sending a card just to let shut-ins know we care about their well-being.

Remember that there’s a convenient way to get a cheery greeting to someone stuck in hospital. The hospital will deliver it. Check out:  [link] 

Please continue to remember the Food Bank when you shop. Particularly needed are tinned tomatoes, vegetables and soups and tinned tuna, ham etc suitable for school lunches.

Have you checked out the parish Facebook page this week?  [Facebook One item posted there is creating quite a stir with comments, likes and shares.

Covid -- The Vestry are grateful for feedback received on last Sunday’s Covid precautions. Those steps have now been overtaken by provincial public health announcements. The province requires everyone (infants excepted) entering a house of worship to wear a mask. It also limits access to people who show that they are vaccinated fully (children excepted) or show a medical exemption. To help with contact tracing, this parish will continue keeping an attendance record.

This coming Sunday the service at St. John’s will be built around season of creation and truth and reconciliation themes. Parishioners are invited to bring something from nature into the church: produce from the garden, fall flowers (there are lots), coloured leaves, feathers found on trails, and so on.

At last Sunday’s St. John’s Memorial service one faithful parishioner remembered was Bobby Carpenter, who died in 2017. He lived in humble circumstances but, rather like the poor woman in the Bible with her two mites, Bobby’s will left everything he had to the parish of Richmond. He imposed no restrictions on how his bequest could be used. It amounts to nearly $10,000. The Vestry has turned it into a Bobby Carpenter Cemetery Fund. It can be used for any cemetery purpose in the parish that the Vestry decides.

St. Mark’s Memorial service attracted quite a crowd to give special thanks for the new foundation. Despite the challenge of our time, there were people attending from the other side of the province. The layreaders led a memorable service, and it was good to have Marjorie Burtt Hewson back at St. Mark’s keyboard for the first time in two years. People were generous in support of the Memorial and Cemetery funds.

Last week’s Vestry meeting dealt with issues large and small: Season of Creation, fall Bible studies, Operation Christmas Child, Thanksgiving letter, Compassion Fund terms of reference, covid, Rogers account for the Rectory, signing officers, fire extinguisher recharging, etc. Among other things:

·   A summary of the August financial report can be viewed [here].

·   The large debit for 50% of the St Mark’s foundation project’s HST will get reimbursed.

·   The Parish Centre Fund has been consolidated with the General Fund.

·   The parish now has a permanent email address. It is It will be used for all purposes except the e-news.

Did you know? According to an interview in last week’s New York Times, one of two books that renowned CNN host Anderson Cooper has always on his bedside table is the Book of Common Prayer.

Anyone who would like to have Billy Graham’s final book Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well can contact

In 2021 Richmond parishioners have been able to give nearly $6000 to answer calls to support the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. Please continue to give generously as the PWRDF reaches out in urgent situations, including:

·   To give emergency support to the people of Haiti  [link]

·   To participate in the matching offer to provide solar “suitcases” for rural baby delivery in Mozambique, see  [link]

·   To support covid Vaccine Equity outreach in developing countries, see Donation Form (

Please consider benefitting the “Corporation of the Anglican Parish of Richmond” in your will, as Bobby Carpenter did. The parish has received many bequests over the years, without the interest on which we could not make it financially.


October 3, 2021
Sunday After Pentecost
Alter Colors:  Green

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Parish Outreach:

Used eye-glasses?  There is a depository at Progressive Credit Union, Richmond Street, Woodstock.

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