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1 June 2023

“Not only with our lips but in our lives”

Richmond This Sunday
June 4, 2023
Trinity Sunday
Alter Colors:  White

    • 9:00 AM:  Communion Service at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Jackson Falls, NB

    • 9:00 AM:  Morning Prayer Service at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hartland, NB

    • 11:00 AM:  Communion Service at St. John's Anglican Church, Richmond Corner, NB

    • 11:00 AM:  Sunday School at St. John's Anglican Church Parish Centre, Richmond Corner, NB

    • Find Sunday Bible readings at [link]

Among those we uphold in prayer:  Brian, Cecil, Cole, Connie, Doris, Frankie, Freda, George, Græme, Helen, Joyce, Lawrence, Lynn, Marg, Melba, Marilyn, Michelle, Nadine, Nellie, Nicole, Peggy, Ralph, Ronald, Shawn, Steven, Trina, Wendell

To add/delete a name to the parish prayer list, speak to Pat Margison (328-8146).

Whom do you know in hospital? There’s a convenient way to get a cheery greeting to the hospitalized. The hospital delivers it. Parishioners receiving these notes have mentioned how important they are. Check out:  [Link]

This coming week’s birthday: Marilyn MacDonald

Anniversaries: Robert & Pauline Jones, Bonnie Sparks & Scott Goodine

Have you checked the parish’s Facebook page lately?  [Facebook]

Tuesday’s Diocesan e-News announced that the monthly NB Anglican had once again – second year in a row – been voted the best Christian newspaper (among all denominations) in Canada: Note that one of the front page photos particularly commended by the reviewers shows a well-known local cleric in action at King’s Landing. Subscribe to the weekly e-News or the monthly newspaper – you know you really should – at

Pentecost Sunday’s impressive parish service reminded us again how gifted we are in our lay readers and how healthful it is to have such gatherings. Whoever decorated the rail between the nave and chancel and found a way to have tongues of fire blazing on the altar table is to be commended. Some photos are attached to this e-news. The next parish service is on Flower Sunday (30 July) at Holy Trinity.

Please give the names of Parish-connected graduates to the Mothers’ Union (Pat or Cindy).

Please remember the Food Bank when you shop.  At the moment they are looking especially for breakfast cereals, soups and crackers.

From 10-13 August the New Brunswick Christian Ashram will be convening at Brown’s Flats, a lovely summer community on the lower St John River. See or speak to Cindy Derksen. Bible teacher for the gathering will be Archdeacon Hodge.

Surplus Bibles or New Testaments? If you have a copy of the Bible that is surplus to your needs, please bring it to church and donate it to the Compassion Fund. It will help meet the demand for scriptures among the newcomers to Canada arriving in this area.


June 11, 2023

Second Sunday After Pentecost

Alter Colors: 

  • Morning Prayer at St. Mark’s and Holy Trinity (9:00 AM), and at St. John’s (11:00 AM)


Parish Outreach:

Used eye-glasses?  There is a depository at Progressive Credit Union, Richmond Street, Woodstock.

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