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Roderick Black, rector
Rectory: 328-3042

12 October 2017

Daily Morning & Evening Prayer

For many, the notion of reading or reciting set, pre-written prayers sounds stifling -- perhaps even phony and inauthentic. Why rattle-off a prayer that somebody else wrote when I could, instead, allow the words to flow spontaneously from my own heart? For one thing, the words provided in the daily office of morning and evening prayer are not merely “somebody else’s words.” They are the God-breathed words of scripture -- drawn, as they are, from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Furthermore, they are the words of the church -- prayers dating back to as early as the first century AD -- written by prophets and martyrs, patriarchs and matriarchs, then prayed again-and-again by generations of Christians, some canonical saints, others humble servants of Jesus whose simple lives have been ignored by history. By using the words of the Prayerbook, I am not merely “reading prayers” but joining my voice with the vast and mighty chorus of our fellow Christians -- some still in the flesh but most now in glory. No, the prayers of the prayer book are not MY words insofar as they have arisen spontaneously from my own head. However, they ARE my words insofar as I am a member of the church -- a multi-generational, multi-lingual, transnational body of which I am a living member. These words are mine because they are my heritage.

from Terrence Chandra’s


Richmond This Sunday
October 15, 2017

·   Morning Prayer Service at St. Mark's and Holy Trinity (9:00 AM) and at St. John's (11:00 AM)

·   Sunday School at the Parish Centre (11:00 AM)

·   Readings for Sunday Exodus 32 : 1–14; Psalm 106: 1–6, 19–23; Philippians 4: 1–9; Matthew 22: 1–14

Prayers of the people list: Adrian, Cathy, Clara, Cole, James, Jason, Katherine, Martha, Nadine, Robert, Ronald, Steven, Tammy

This coming week’s birthdays: Felix Wilson, Bill Squires

Kindly remember the Food Bank when you shop. Next deliveries: Holy Trinity (16 October); St. John’s (23 October); St. Mark’s (30 October). The Food Bank welcomes paper towels and toilet tissue in the donation bins.

Hurricanes & Earthquakes – As usual, the Primate’s World Relief & Development Fund is involved in relief work with victims of the hurricanes in the Caribbean islands and the earthquakes in Mexico. To assist, mark your special offerings “Emergency response”. And did you know that you can give regularly to PDRDF through e-offering? Speak to Lawrence or Cindy.

For pastoral emergencies and other concerns and home visits, contact the Rev Rod Black at the Rectory 328-3042.

Have you seen the parish’s attractive new Facebook page? See

Our condolences are extended to Lewis & Marian Parkinson on the death of Marian’s mother, Alta Hazel Hallett.

The Boehler family invite you to a memorial service in remembrance of Gayle Joyce Boehler this Sunday (15 October) at Shiloh, Woodstock Christian Fellowship, 169 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville, 10:30 AM. Interment will be at St. John’s Cemetery.

On Monday, Bible study resumes at 24 Hillcrest Ave (Hartland), 7:00 PM. Study text is Bishop Hockin’s Gospel Therapy (you don’t necessarily need a copy).

On Tuesday, the Woodstock Greater Chapter (clergy, wardens, synod delegates/alternates and anyone else who cares to attend) meets at the Church of the Good Shepherd Florenceville in preparation for the Diocesan Synod, 7:00 PM.

On Wednesday, Bible study begins at the Parish Centre, 7:00 PM. Text is Bishop N. T. Wright’s Letters of John.

On Thursday, Vestry meets at Holy Trinity, 7:00 PM. (Soup & chili are available at 6:00.)

Camp Brookwood is now closed for the season. By every measure, the 50th anniversary season was the most successful that the camp has seen in many years. All weeks of camp were completely booked and there were waiting lists for most weeks.  Again this year, staff were on top of their game and the youth programs ran like clockwork. The Board express their gratitude for all of the support shown to Camp Brookwood’s mission by the diocese, parishes, and individuals. You were all part of what made 2017 the extraordinary success that it was.  And now the planning begins for the 2018 camping season.

Many thanks for the truly munificent offerings made in connection with St Mark’s Memorial Service.

The parish has received a bequest under the will of the late Gladys Tracy. When writing your own will, do not leave money to a specific congregation as individual congregations are not incorporated. The way to handle it is to leave money to the parish for the purpose of supporting a particular congregation or house of worship, if that is what you want.  For Camp Brookwood, you would leave money to the Diocesan Synod of Fredericton for the use of Camp Brookwood.

Upcoming Events ~

·        On Sunday 29 October, the Saint John String Quartet play a concert at Holy Trinity, 2:30 PM

·        On Saturday 4 November, Diocesan Synod at Christ Church Parish Church, Fredericton, 8:45 AM

·        Also on Saturday 4 November, The McGuires present a gospel concert at St. John’s, 7:00 PM

·        Sunday 12 November is the return date for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

·        On Tuesday 30 January, the Woodstock Greater Chapter (clergy, wardens, synod delegates/alternates) meets at Trinity Church Andover, 7:00 PM

To add a name (with permission) to the parish prayer list, speak to Pat Margison (328-8146) or Wendell Parkinson (325-9519).

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Richmond Next Sunday
October 22, 2017

Communion at St. Mark’s (9:00 AM) & Holy Trinity (11:00 AM); Morning Prayer at St. John’s (11:00 AM)


Parish Outreach:

Used eye-glasses?  There is a depository at Progressive Credit Union, Richmond Street, Woodstock.

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